How to Wear

How To Wear Your Kilt

The Kiltpin hassle-free guide on how to put your outfit on.

  1. Firstly put on your shirt and cufflinks leaving your top button of your shirt undone for ease while you are dressing.
  2. Next, put on your hose (socks) making sure the ribbed line of your socks are straight going up your leg. The garters go around the leg below the knee and can be adjusted for comfort. Make sure that the tartan flashes on the garters are on the outside of the leg. Turn down the sock to cover the garters and leave a couple of inches of your flashes shown. The top of your sock should be mid calf which is four fingers down from the centre of your knee joint.
  3. Depending on whether you are right of left handed, the sgian dubh (knife) fits inside your right or left sock on the outside of your leg. You should leave a couple of inches of the sgian dubh shown coming out the top of your sock.
  4. Now the ghillie brogues. Take a lace in either hand and twist them six times pulling tight so the twists sit on the front of your leg where a normal shoe knot would be. Then pass the laces round the back of your leg at a slight angle and twist a couple of times. Now bring the laces back round to the front of your leg and tie off as normal in a bow.  Remember to double knot the laces as they come undone easily.
  5. Now unbuckle your kilt. Place the pleated part behind you with the top of the kilt just above your tummy button and just below your rib cage. Take the leather strap on the right part of the kilt and pass through the slot in the cloth on your left hip. Buckle to make tight but comfortable. Likewise pass the left strap over to the right hip and buckle again.
  6. If you have a belt, put this on now passing the belt through the belt loops on the back of the kilt and clipping together at the front. There is a strap on the inside of the belt for any size adjustment.
  7. Next the sporran and chain. The sporran and chain sit on the front of your kilt just below your belt buckle and you fasten the straps to the back.
  8. Now do up your top button on your shirt and put your bow/rouche tie on which has an adjuster to fit too your collar size.
  9. Finally put on your waistcoat and jacket.

Main points to steer by:

  • The top of your sock should be mid calf which is four fingers down from the centre of your knee joint and the ribbing is straight coming up your leg.
  • Ghillie brogues laces should not be tied any higher than the bottom of your calf.
  • The bottom of your kilt should be at the middle of your knee.
  • Make sure you do not wear your sporran to low.

Have a great day wearing your Kiltpin outfit. Give us a call if you have any further questions on wearing your Kiltpin outfit. 00 44 (0)1324 624588

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